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There Goes My Heart
Music and Lyrics By Ken LaDéroute


Go on and leave me now

Go back where you started from

Looking for another one

Close to your heart

Leave me alone again

To work it out and dream again

Find a way to see again

Here in the Dark


I just can’t believe that I’ll never see

See us together

How can I go on when the world for me

Has fallen apart


Go on walk out the door

And leave me alone

Think I’m gonna be sad

I know I’m gonna cry

Cause saying goodbye isn’t what I want

Tell me how to get through

And start a new life with somebody else

Oh no I’m letting you go
There goes my heart


Take me back home again

Kiss me like you always do

Hold me like you wanted to

Love me again

Save me just one more dance

And with flowers and romance

Tell me that there’s still a chance

But don’t let me go


Gone are the days that we

Came to be together

We go our separate ways
Make a new start

It’s just the memories

That lives inside forever

They’ll never fade away

Here in my heart

© Copyright 2002
Library of Congress
All Rights Reserved


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