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CD Review of Soul Affirmation: Music For Better Outcomes by LaDeroute
By Sarah Benoit

               Over the years I have searched for and listened to music that can DO something. Music has always been a way for me to enjoy and appreciate the talent of gifted musicians, but oftentimes I have played a certain song or album to provoke specific emotions and actions.  My desire to use sound as a tool to live more intentionally motivates me to explore all genres and styles of music.  In my exploration I recently discovered the album Soul Affirmation: Music For Better Outcomes, the newest gem from LaDeroute, a band based in Asheville, North Carolina.

               Ken and Amy LaDeroute, a husband and wife duo, are pioneering a musical genre all their own called Affirmation Music.  Soul Affirmation, the first in a series of CD’s, blends the ancient tradition of chanting with modern English lyricism, soothing melodies with stimulating drum beats and clear, precise vocals with authentic emotion.  Soul Affirmation becomes a powerful mixture of relaxation, dance, healing and meditation music.  Eloquent, positive motivational affirmations are woven into masterful compositions while Amy LaDeroute’s gorgeous voice and the words she sings make a dramatic and profound impact.

               Individual songs vary in theme and instrumentation, but they all share a common focus.  Each song on Soul Affirmation facilitates deep centeredness, inner peace, stimulation of the heart chakra, true confidence and Self trust.  Songs like Om Namah Shivaya, It Comes From Me and Simply Be feel like old friends.  The affirmations are unstoppable reminders of the endless love, acceptance, blessing, empowerment and wholeness the Universe abundantly provides each day. One of my personal favorites, I Come From A Place Of Love, inspires listeners to create their own reality and access their full potential.  

               Ken and Amy, the heart of LaDeroute, have both been performing music for over 20 years.  They met in the early 1980’s when Amy auditioned for one of Ken’s bands.  They have traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada playing a wide variety of musical styles including rock, jazz, soul, funk, pop and more. Soul Affirmation features a number of accomplished world music artists like Kit Walker (Jai Uttal and Deva Premal) and Ben Leinbach (Jai Uttal).  Ken has studied and taught meditation for more than 20 years as well.

               Ken recently wrote about the making of Soul Affirmation on his web site and he discusses the five positive daily affirmations he used himself during the writing, recording and editing of the album. “My Affirmations for the Soul Affirmation Music Project,” he writes, “I choose to help people see themselves for whom they truly are; I seek to help people tap into their eternal nature and become anchored and secure within their Higher Selves; I will help people remove negative mental memories and conditioning, so they may adopt a life of pure intention; I seek to help people lighten their load, simplify their lives, and find true meaning by tapping into their inherent potential; and I teach others to meditate.”

               Soul Affirmation is not only a musical expression, but also a tool for personal growth and a daily practice you can use to improve your life. In the article Love Is All There Is Ken LaDeroute writes, “The universe is made up of energy. I believe this energy is love. This outpouring of love awaits us each day when we wake up, and it is there when we go to sleep. If we can muster the courage to relinquish the ego’s control over the mind, overcome our conditioned responses, loosen compulsive thinking, burnout past karmas and impressions, we finally learn to be intensely present, and clearly see truth in our lives.” Affirmation Music can truly help you tap into your courage and transform your Self in ways you never dreamed possible. 

               Dr. Rick Herrick, the author of The Case Against Evangelical Christianity, wrote in his review of Soul Affirmation, “With lyrics that read like fine poetry, love is defined. Love teaches that life is sacred. It releases fear, and pushes one toward peace. It flows through a person as a beautiful energy. It gives life purpose, and points to a higher way. It is abundant.”  “As the title of the CD suggests, the lyrics are written to affirm positive values,” Herrick continues, “Listen to the words and allow them to wash over you, to penetrate through you. If you do, the music will re-create your thoughts, reprogram negative beliefs, and help to end compulsive mind chatter.” 

               If you have been searching for music that inspires the ears, heart, mind and spirit then take a moment to listen to Soul Affirmation: Music For Better Outcomes by LaDeroute.  Visit the LaDeroute web site at to hear free samples of songs, purchase CD’s or download mp3’s.  To read Ken LaDeroute’s personal writings and other inspiring articles visit    

Sarah Benoit is a professional business writer based in Asheville, North Carolina.  She specializes in market research, PR and advertising development, web site writing, online promotions and search engine marketing for small to medium businesses in a variety of fields including the hospitality, travel, natural health, real estate, computer technology, organic food, music, arts, green building and ecommerce industries.  Ms. Benoit is also a practicing astrologer and works with select clients to address relationship, past life and emotional issues while also exploring personal growth and spiritual evolution.


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