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Soul Affirmation Music CD
By Dr. Rick Herrick

I have been on a spiritual quest for as long as I can remember. Along the way, I have read widely among all of the great spiritual traditions. In the most important sense, these traditions have one central theme. It’s all about love, that’s the central energy that governs the universe. It makes the world go around!

There’s a problem with this central theme. It’s almost trite. What does love mean? How can it be found and used to transform one’s life? I have struggled with these issues for more than fifty years.

“Soul Affirmation,” a newly released CD of ten songs, all composed with lyrics by Ken LaDeroute and sung by his enchanting wife Amy, provides helpful answers. With lyrics that read like fine poetry, love is defined. Love teaches that life is sacred. It releases fear, and pushes one toward peace. It flows through a person as a beautiful energy. It gives life purpose, and points to a higher way. It is abundant. In addition, there are songs about inner peace (“Simply Be”), the power of forgiveness (“I Choose Forgiveness”), and Hindu spirituality (“Om Namah Shivaya”).

For a CD to have staying power, it needs a great voice. Great singers have more than a good voice. We resonate with them because their sound comes from a place deep within. Amy LaDeroute has internalized the values expressed in these songs, which allows her to deliver the music in a voice of purity, beauty, and clarity. You don’t miss a word. You will never forget her. Produced by Ken LaDeroute and Grammy-nominated artist Kit Walker, the songs have a full sound. Ken and Kit skillfully blend a wide array of instruments to create music that reinforces the message behind the lyrics.

As the title of the CD suggests, the lyrics are written to affirm positive values. Listen to the words and allow them to wash over you, to penetrate through you. If you do, the music will re-create your thoughts, reprogram negative beliefs, and help to end compulsive mind chatter.

I walk with the CD two or three mornings a week. The songs provide a beacon of light. They inspire and challenge me. They clarify my thinking. They push me to love my neighbor, and help me to see all life as sacred. Thank you Ken LaDeroute for providing us with this wonderful gift!

Dr. Rick Herrick is the author of The Case Against Evangelical Christianity.


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