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Joe Ross's Review of Soul Affirmation

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What They're Saying:

>> I enjoyed listening to LaDeroute's Soul Affirmation music CD. The themes are inspirational and the music is uplifting. -- Roy Eugene Davis, Spiritual Director of Center for Spiritual Awareness and a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.

>> Thanks for the beautiful way I start my day now! Your music is wonderful--beautiful arrangements, gorgeous voice, and most of all it's soothing and uplifting and healing and very deep knowledge. It's obvious that much hard work and devotion that went into it, and I think you've created a very special work of art. --Jane Pitt, Boone, NC

>> Just wanted to tell Ken what a fantastic concept he has come up with and to congratulate him on the quality of the musicianship and recording. I downloaded the Soul Affirmation CD on a lark, having found it as the result of a Google search on affirmations ... I do a lot of recording myself and can really appreciate the time and effort that went into this project. It definitely shows! -- Howard Burchfield, Hong Kong, China

>> "When I need a lift or some inspiration, I play Ken and Amy LaDeroute's new "Soul Affirmation"  CD. Each song touches a different aspect of myself: my need for inner peace, forgiveness, presence, joy, and abundance which are all addressed in beautiful music, vocals and verse. These are the songs I've been waiting a lifetime for. With Ken's gift of song writing, Amy's fantastic vocals, and the incredible instrumentals, this is a CD you must have! It will touch you to your core. Throughout the day, various songs from the CD loop though my head and heart, and uplift me. Today it's the song "It Comes from Me". It touches me so deeply tears some to my eyes. Ken and Amy, your music is a gift to us all and helps us to awaken to our True Selves. Thank you for raising the vibration of our planet with your talent and your presence." -- Blessings, Lori Miller  Whole Health News publisher & editor

>> I love your music! So soothing and uplifting. The composition itself is wonderful, coupled with the lyrics it’s unstoppably helpful. I’ve only had the CD/download for a few days and I already find myself singing the tunes wherever I go in my head! And that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to do for years (speak/sing positive affirmations to myself in an effortless way).  I listen to your affirmation music while I day trade stocks and futures on my computer. It’s wonderfully calming and relaxing in contrast to the crazy markets. Instead of having to consciously think and make myself say the affirmations I know I should like, I’m am a good person. I deserve love.  I see myself successful. I automatically do it each time one of your songs gets stuck in my head.  Genius. Self suggestion is so powerful. Thank you so much.  Keep up the great work. Thanks again. -- Joel Nelson St. Paul, MN

>> I am glad you are using your music to bring all to God. That will be your service to God and the creation. -- Dada Ananda Krsnananda, Ananda Marga Yoga Society

>> This CD has been worth the wait!  Thank you so much for sharing this with the community and hopefully beyond.  It has been a stressful time opening and promoting my community acupuncture clinic.  When I make a point to listen to this music, it is like recieving a healing modality.  My feelings of fear and frustration turn into feelings of being supported and connected. -- Aruna/Elizabeth Ropp, The People's Acupuncture of Asheville

>> About "It Comes From Me." from the CD Soul Affirmation Music for Better Outcomes. This song represents a need seed to yield a new crop! The true knowledge to life is WITHIN and without. The arrangement is as positive and lively as the message. The vocals; angelic. Thank you for your beautiful expressions of love and peace. This song brings fulfillment to the purpose of music. May it bring huge success to all who hear and to the creators of this masterpiece. Guest --

>> About the Soul Affirmation Music CD: "I feel like it reaches into my soul and gives me a hug" -- Kim Cornell,  Boone, NC

>> I bought the CD Soul Affirmation music CD in December and I LOVE IT! I listen to it every day and it helped (and still helps) me through a tough time in my life. The lyrics are uplifting and inspiring and a great daily reminder. Thank you so much for all your hard work, your time and efforts in creating this CD. Know that it was worth every single second and I know that you'll help many people with this CD. -- Petra Korn, Marina Del Rey, CA

>> Ken, your songs along with Amy's beautiful voice, bring me such joy and alignment within. Thank you for contributing to my life with your music. Blessings to you both. Jeta Morris -- Texas

>> Your CD is so powerful and inspiring! If everyone could hear it, it would become the tipping point for a better world. Thank you for such beautiful and unique's not only ROCKS! Guest -- SlideShare.

>> Your CD is such a blessing, really! I can't thank you enough. I listen to it ALL the time when I'm in the car. I know all the words and sing along. It's great for reprogramming! Jo Ann Picard -- Boone, NC

>>I've been doing affirmations for years, with success, but I've found over time that it's easier to be successful when I have more positive things around to focus on. While searching for movies, etc to help me progress forward I found the LaDeroute cd "Soul Affirmation." Every song of this album is absolutely positive, deep and moving. Amy LaDeroute's vocals shine and you can tell that she's devoted to bringing forth all the nuances of each song. It's also easy to see that Ken LaDeroute's 25 years of meditation have greatly influenced this album. Only meditation and devotion could help to produce something that is deeply moving and yet completely calming. Jessica A. Lee -- Raleigh, NC



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