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Positive Attitudes, Affirmations & Actions for Overcoming Your Health Challenges

by: Brent Atwater

Health Challenges like Diabetes, HIV, Heart Disease (mainly heart attacks), Stroke/CVA, COPD/Emphysema/Chronic Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Alzheimers, Kidney Disease, Septicemia/Systemic Infection, Liver Disease/Cirrhosis are diseases and disorders that require all the tools of heaven and earth to fight.

The inspirational techniques below are positive attitudes and alternative healing for your mind.

Beginning your healing journey:

1. Separate YOUR identity from the disease's identity.

2. You are a person, who is having a disease "experience."

3. Recognize that an "experience" comes and goes!

4. Your Disease/disorder “experience” is your life's reset button! Learn from it.

5. Disease may be in your physical body, however, it is NOT in your Soul or spiritual body!!!

Your health challenge is a diagnosis. Although it affects your life, it is NOT necessarily a life sentence. Rather than fearfully accepting your diagnosis, do research! Knowledge is empowering.

Health Affirmations: A spiritual healing is different from a physical healing!! Your goal is integration and the balance of both to create allover well being and health. Talk to your cells, your blood, your organs, your bones, etc, they are live entities!!!!! You are the commander of YOUR body! Take charge and command your cells to be healthy. You do not have to accept and enable what's happening to them. You may command the cells in your body that are here to serve your Soul!

Cancel, Cancel, Cancel, Next, Positive!: Remember thoughts have ripple effects. To stop every negative thought and action in your environment whether you think it, say it, or are in the field of someone else who says or does something negative.

POSITIVE PEOPLE ONLY!!! YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! You can erode all of the positive energy that you have generated by being in negative circumstances. Do not repeat negative thoughts and actions or be in the presence of negative energies (ie “downer” individuals, no matter where, caregivers, friends, stores, phone calls, emails etc).

NEVER EVER OWN YOUR DISORDER & make it a part of your being!

Anger: at your disease circumstances lowers the energy that you use to heal yourself. Positive energy creates more healing energy.

Your Caregiver:

If your Caregiver talks to you and treats you like "it's just a matter of time", DELETE!!!!! their negative energy from your life immediately. Do not choose to allow anyone to treat you in a manner that suggests things are hopeless just because you’re experiencing a disease. The minute we are born, we become terminal. LIVE until it is your time to cross over.

Know as much or MORE than your Health Care provider so you can ask questions that YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON!!!

And last but NOT least,

Perspective: There is ALWAYS someone who is worse off than you………….and although you may not be happy with your current situation, they would be GLAD to trade place with you and your situation!

Choose to “Experience” your Health Challenge, Believe YOU Are, and BE the Survivor!

A FREE pamphlet with excerpts from this book is being offered free to individuals, support groups, healthcare facilities or practices for distribution to honor those courageous individuals battling disease.


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