Affirmation Power - Consciousness in word and music

My True Self

Words & Music by Ken LaDéroute


Alone with my deeper side 

I wait in the silence

At rest with a quiet mind

Aware of this moment


I let go of all the fear

I'm one with my Being

On purpose and ever clear

I'm open to seeing


My True Self

Sees the world with loving eyes

Free of judgment and condition

It’s awake and realized

Open to a higher vision


At peace in my heart tonight

With loving attention

I choose to go deep inside 

And find the connection                   


My True Self

Is aware of all existence

It’s beginning and it’s ending

It’s eternal and forever

It’s impermanent unchanging

And it’s timeless and ascending


It’s on purpose with intention

It’s awareness it’s perfection

It’s destruction it’s creation

It’s abundant and rejoicing


It’s around me and it’s through me

It’s all loving and inclusive

Its supply of love is endless

It’s the power of creation


It’s expanding It’s enfolding

It’s All-present and It’s knowing

It’s transcending and It’s flowing

It’s forever and forever


Knows what's right in everyway

Always open to forgiveness

Always mindful every day


I feel my awareness beckons

Inspires and enlightens me

I feel like it’s all connected

In touch with the Truth



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