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Review from CD Insight by Joe Ross

An affirmation is a positive thought or idea that you consciously focus on to produce a desired outcome. Thus, "affirmation music" encompasses Ken LaDeroute's creative songs for personal awakening, realization and rejuvenation. Built on the premise that we need to awaken our true divine nature, LaDeroute's music strives to yield "strength, wholeness, confidence, passion, power and wealth of the mind, body and spirit." For example, a song like "It Constantly Comes To Me" is a contemplative reaffirmation of one's worthiness. A number of the songs convey messages of Sanskrit mantra -- words or phrases used in Hindu and Buddhist prayer or meditation to help spiritualize and focus the mind. "Baba Nam Kevalam" means "Love Is All There Is." The topics of truth, togetherness, vitality, radiance and being positive are part of the narration in "Shanti" (Sanskrit for peace). By understanding the meaning of Shiva (the Supreme Reality, the Inner Self), it becomes clear what LaDeroute is striving to convey with "Om Namah Shivaya" (I Bow To Shiva).

Amy LaDeroute provides the pensive and reflective vocals that are central to this body of material. Based in Asheville, NC, Ken and Amy have three decades of performing experience in jazz, rock, and funk groups. Now, a new age approach to music is pioneering their own self-proclaimed genre (Affirmation Music) to offer healing and meditation. Besides programming drum tracks and synthesized strings, Ken plays guitars, keyboards and bass. Along for the journey are co-producer Kit Walker (keyboards, bass, drum programming), Carlos Fernandez (percussion), Duncan Wickel (violin), Tom Shirah (cornet), Elsbeth Van Tongeren (cello), and Richard Shulman (piano). This tightly-crafted and well-produced music is both inspired and inspiring. The next time I'm feeling grumpy, I'll cue up "Soul Affirmation" as a stimulating and uplifting way to focus on more positive thoughts. (Joe Ross)


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