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An affirmation is a positive thought or idea that you consciously focus on in order to produce a desired outcome.

The power of thought processes, the act of thinking, and the effects upon the human organism in connection with health and illness is well documented. The belief is part of our folklore: clichés such as "healthy body, healthy mind" and "dying of a broken heart" express the mind-body connection.

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Erase those mind tapes

Due to societal and familial conditioning, it is useful to clear negative internal dialogue from our mind fields. Negative tapes that continue to play in our minds affect our attitudes, beliefs and decisions. By the daily use of affirmation, one can remove undesirable mental feedback loops and re-create more desirable outcomes in our lives.

We tie human productivity and excellence directly to our mental attitudes and beliefs about ourselves. By changing negative mental patterns, and choosing more healthy attitudes, one can achieve improved self-esteem and self-motivation. Examples might include:

  • Affirming and acknowledging good health
  • Affirming and acknowledging wealth and abundance
  • Affirming and acknowledging spirit in one's life
  • Believing in oneself
  • Being thankful

How to Create Winning Affirmations

  • State the affirmation in the present
  • Start with words like "I am" or "I choose"
  • Include the word "now"
  • State what you want as if it is already accomplished. "I am happy now"
  • Make the affirmation positive. "I feel good" works but using an affirmation like "I am not afraid" focuses the mind on the word "afraid" and augments that feeling

Say the affirmation out loud with belief and conviction.

Free Affirmations
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Free Affirmations

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