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Creating the "Here" CD
by Ken LaDéroute


I am so thankful for my life. As I ponder on the consciousness in my body and the gift of being alive, here and now, the opportunity and blessing of growth through living, I feel the need to express these feelings through music.

Living in Canada and the US offers many freedoms. One great freedom is the ability to have time to compose and play music. Whatever I can dream up, I can create.

Espressive Freedoms

With this record, I wanted to express through song the feeling of the love for all that is. These simple love songs may sound like they're directed toward a loved one, and they are! However, on a deeper level, they are directed to my Spiritual Center, my Higher Self, Pure Being, the One and Only, the Individualized Unit of Pure Consciousness inside me, localized. Call it what you will, these simple love songs express my love for my wife Amy, God, my countries, living, good fortune, fate, destiny and the All in All.

I had fun expressing myself, creating words and music, recording and publishing and marketing. I am lucky to be able to follow my passion -- getting my music out to the world.

My Best Song

The song "Here", I think exemplifies my feelings extremely well. Being here, in the now, with my beloved, recognizing what's important -- the love we have for others, ourselves and the highest form of love, the love of God.

I hope you are in joy and I hope you enjoy the record.

With Devotion and Peace,

Ken LaDéroute

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